Deepest Condolences

Some time “One person is absent, the whole world seems depopulated”

Please accept our heartfelt and deepest condolences on the passing of your family member.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, families, relatives and friends at this difficult time.

Pun Samaaj UK


We (Pun Samaaj UK) lost the following members since 10.01.2021:

SerM/NoName of Deceased personName of NOK or Area in Nepal Expired dateRemarks
01276Late Nandu PunMrs Ratna Kumari Pun

02172Late Mal Lal Tilija PunMrs Gau Maya Tilija Pun

03501Late Tul Bdr Khorja Pun Mrs Kamala Khorja Pun

04365Late Kul B Paija PunMrs Nar Kumari Paija Pun

05347Late Dal B Purja PunMrs Nan Mati Purja Pun

06344Late Nandabir Paija PunMrs Nirmala Paija Pun

07383Late Gam B PunMrs Gawani Pun

08370Late Bir B PurjaMrs Bhakti Maya Purja Pun

09295Late Nar B Paija PunMrs Jasmati Paija Pun

10168Late Dalu PunMrs Mangali Pun

11100Late Rem B Garbuja PunMrs Buddhisara Garbuja Pun

12559Late Indra Khorja PunMrs Durga Khorja Pun

13521Late Bas B Sherpuja PunMrs Kumari Sherpuja Pun

14357Late Bhuwanshing Sherpuja PunMrs Ganga Maya Sherpuja 

15413Late Nar B Thane PunMrs Budhi Sara Pun

16516Late Bhim B PunMrs Yal Kumari Pun

17270Late Dil Maya Garbuja PunMiss Sunita Garbuja Pun

18386Late Kul B PhagamiSalija

327Late Hasti Maya PurjaKyang

20359Late Suwa PaijaShikha

21516Late Bhim B PunUlleri

22442Late Shakti BudajaShikha

23529Late Tam B TilijaDana

24529Late Bel Kumari TilijaDana

25175Late You Maya PunChimkhola

26417Late Bhakta Ram TilijaBaduk

27273Late Ganga Lal TilijaKhibang

28172Late Gau Maya TilijaBaduk

29295Late Nar B Paija PunThotneri

30100Late Prem B GarbujaShikha

31168Late Dilu PunHistan

32254Late Timothy HeaverReading

33270Late Kumari Garbuja Ramche

34468Late Khadka GarbujaRamche

35559Late Indra KhorjaSalija

36446Late Manisha PaijaBega

37344Late Nandabir PaijaBaduk

38304Late Bahumati PunLopre

39172Late Tham Maya PunDoba

40501Late Gam B PunRamche

41365Late Ruk Maya GarbujaKhibang

42461Late Moti PurjaRamche

43370Late Bir B PurjaBanbadhe

44554Late Nanda Kumari PurjaThotneri

45212Late Nandu PunChimkhola

46180Late Kushan PaijaPakhapani

47172Late Mal Lal TilijaBaduk

48501Late Tul B KhorjaSalija

49365Late Kul B PaijaShikha

50461Late Rewati PhagamiChitwan

51347Late Dal B PurjaBega

52460Late Gajamati PunDana

53576Late Hom B BudajaShikha

54260Late Pabi PurjaAulaa

55384Late Hom B Paija PunOkhreni

56506Late Juk Mati Armaja PunKhibang

57475Late Indra Bahadur PunChimkhola

58015Late Geeta SerpujaPaudwar

59329Late Purna Bahadur PunLopre04/10/2021
60205Late Son Bahadur PunKuwapani04/04/2022
61194Late Nau Kumari PunBaduk09/09/2022
62335Late Gam Bahadur PhagamiSalija04/10/2022
63283Late Nar Maya PunNangi/ Mr. Prem Singh Pun11/02/2023Husband
64463Late Lal Bahadur PunChimkhola/ Mrs. Hira Kumari 25/04/2023Wife
65442Late Padam Bahadur Buduja PunShikha/ Mukta Devi28/08/2023Daughter
66168Late Mangali PunHistan 29/09/2023
67248Late Bishnu Kumari armaja PunPurano Gaun / Amar Bahadur Pun12/01/2024Husband
68475Late Kumari Thane PunChimkhola06/02/2024
69474Late Pirtha Bahadur Paija PunChimkhola20/05/2024